Blue Mountains Holiday Accommodation

Create your own memorable holiday escape within world-class nature.

The Blue Mountains are named for the delicate azure haze that lingers along the region, which is actually a fine cloud of oil emitted by eucalyptus trees. The mystical mountains are a labyrinth of plateaus & valleys, gorges and gum trees. Famous for our heritage and history, our fine arts and culture, spectacular lookouts, and breathtaking landscapes.

Sit and listen to a rainforest stream or contemplate a wilderness stretching out to the horizon. The Blue Mountains has been an inspiration to adventurers and artists of all genres for generations. Discover local talent on show and in action within a plethora of craft and antique shops, galleries and museums including Blue Mountains Cultural Centre. It’s the perfect place to nourish your senses, reconnect with nature and rejuvenate your soul in Australia’s most accessible World Heritage listed wilderness. The region brims with adventures or decadent and indulgent treats.

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